Innovation Camp, teacher training – November 9-11, 2021, Turku (Finland)

The EntrAL Innovation Camp will give the members of the faculty transferable skills to organize similar activities in their universities. Camps of this kind can be used as a part of the teaching curriculum or the innovation services of the universities. The camp can be used as a vehicle to promote entrepreneurialism and innovation in the universities.

Participants will experience the concept of the innovation camp and act as their students will during the pilot phase. They will develop business ideas in teams and get practical experience about entrepreneurship, the process of developing a business idea, and how to sell it. The participants are expected to engage and challenge themselves, as will their students in similar contexts.

After the camp, participants have a better understanding of the requirements to become an entrepreneur and can advise and support their students better. The camp also introduces another approach on how to teach entrepreneurship and foster entrepreneurial skills. Participants are better equipped to foster an entrepreneurial mindset at university and national levels (WP3/3.3).

The program of the activity can be downloaded at the link: Programme Innovation Camp Turku.docx