Working Package 2 – results 

Deliverable 2. 1:   2.1/2 Innovation Camp – Turku, Finland   – 46 University teachers trained 

Deliverable 2. 1:   2.3/4  Training workshop in Dublin  –  45 University teachers trained


Working Package 1 – results 

Deliverable 1.1 – Need analysis on entrepreneurial activities for teachers and students
Deliverable 1.2 – Towards an entrepreneurial mind-set – seminar in Shkodra, Albania  
  • Presentations of study and analysis of needs by 8  Albanian Universities
  • Presentation of the analysis the needs for entrepreneurial education for lifelong learning teacher training and the possible policies  by  the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth.
  • Presentation by The European Partners of the good case practices that could be relevant to the Albanian context
Deliverable 1.3 – Need Analysis on Entrepreneurial Activities for Teachers and Students