Workpackage 3 – results 

Deliverable 3. 1: Designing the entrepreneurship courses  –   Albanian partners have developed 4 training modules 

  • Two modules for pre-university teachers – Entrepreneurship in Primary Education and Entrepreneurship in Secondary Education – UV
  • Module for university students  training on Entrepreneurial skills education  – UAMD
  • Module for  university teachers training on Entrepreneurial skills education – ECUG

The work started in April by responsible Albanian partners, and the modules have been presented as drafts in Leon Meeting, Spain. After the review and evaluation with suggestions by European experts of ULE, The modules have been presented and approved at Vlore Meeting on 6 September 2022.  The modules are ready to be used for the pilot courses implementation.  An accreditation process by ASCAP   is needed before the teacher pilot courses implementation. The UV team has started the work on the application documents of first phase of accreditation process. 

Deliverable 3.2: Integration of the entrepreneurship courses to the existing Centres in Albanian universities – 

The purchase of equipment was finalized successfully at the end of April 2022 with the delivery of equipment in each Albanian center of teacher training to support the implementation of pilot courses.  Ten laptops,  server, video camera,  audio devices, and flipcharts, have been installed  to support project activities of development and implementation

Deliverable 3. 3 Creation of the Albanian Entrepreneurial Network –   the Albanian entrepreneur Network foundation started in Leon, Spain during the project meeting there, based in the previous experience of TLLLC network in TEAVET project.  For this purpose, an agreement of Albanian partners has been designed and signed in 9 original copies by all partners. The University of Korce  will be responsible for the coordination of AEN and the University of Elbasan for the university trainers  network. 


Workpackage 2 – results 

Deliverable 2. 1:   2.1/2 Innovation Camp – Turku, Finland   – 46 University teachers trained 

Deliverable 2. 1:   2.3/4  Training workshop in Dublin  –  45 University teachers trained


Workpackage 1 – results 

Deliverable 1.1 – Need analysis on entrepreneurial activities for teachers and students
Deliverable 1.2 – Towards an entrepreneurial mind-set – seminar in Shkodra, Albania  
  • Presentations of study and analysis of needs by 8  Albanian Universities
  • Presentation of the analysis the needs for entrepreneurial education for lifelong learning teacher training and the possible policies  by  the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth.
  • Presentation by The European Partners of the good case practices that could be relevant to the Albanian context
Deliverable 1.3 – Need Analysis on Entrepreneurial Activities for Teachers and Students