Meeting on designing entrepreneurship courses (D.3.1) Wednesday 25th – Thursday 26th May 2022

Meeting on designing entrepreneurship courses (D.3.1) is coming soon.

Next week on Wednesday 25th – Thursday 26th May 2022

Faculty of Education, Campus de Vegazana, University of León (León, Spain)

The meeting in Leon, Spain (D.3.1) will act as a monitoring visit where Albanian partners can get support to define the course content to pre-university teachers, university teachers, and university students and get useful insight from the other European partners and the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth:

1). Modules for pre-university teachers. Two modules will be presented: (1) Entrepreneurship in Primary Education, and (2) Entrepreneurship in Secondary Education. These modules have to comply with ASCAP criteria for accreditation.

2). Module for university students: Innovation Camp (as in the UTU learning visit-D.2.1).

3). Module for university teachers: Innovation camp (practical) + transferability/applicability to foster entrepreneurship among students in their disciplines/subjects (debate among university teachers).  During the meeting in León, the following aspects for each module will be presented and discussed: core content, learning outcomes, competencies, delivery methods, activities, assessment methods and opportunities/barriers for implementation. Additionally, the Albanian Entrepreneurial Network (AEN) (D.3.3) will be presented. The AEN is created to support and develop competencies ofteaching. The network guarantees the homogeneity expected by the Ministry of Education, Sports and youth in order to accomplish a comprehensive VET system for teacher training.

See the Agenda in Leon!